Novusphere Launches ATMOS, a Token for Free Speech

Time and time again, the internet is touted as a place wherein users have complete freedom. Forums such as Reddit are often credited with contributing to digital liberation, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Novusphere, a blockchain-based technology enabling unstoppable content creation and sharing recognizes that the current state of the web isn’t as good as proponents make it out to be.

To that end, Novusphere has launched ATMOS, its native token purpose-built to encourage and incentivize the forging of autonomous media-sharing communities. Whereas sites like YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook are heavily centralized, monitored, and moderated, communities built using Novusphere’s protocol will be self-regulated, decentralized, and run on ATMOS, the local currency.

Compared with other cryptocurrency tokens, ATMOS has a wealth of use cases, making it a true utility token that deserves a place in wallets worldwide. In Novusphere-built content and media sharing platforms (such as the [EOS Forum](, a Reddit-like forum built by the Novusphere community), ATMOS plays several critical roles.

Imagine a YouTube-like content platform wherein users create informative videos on a wide range of topics of their choosing. The users creating the content can choose to charge an amount in ATMOS for viewers to see the content, or they can opt to be tipped in ATMOS as a reward. Viewers can set up bounties for new content that they want to see made for the platform — perhaps a viewer would like to see a “How Bitcoin Works” video and creates a bounty for the video with a reward paid in ATMOS. Bounty hunters (content-creators) seek out ATMOS rewards by creating the content requested, and judges (viewers) watch and rate the content to determine whether it meets the bounty’s requirements.

This deterministic ecosystem fulfills the needs of a decentralized community with a horizontal, rather than vertical, power-structure. Instead of moderators appointed from higher up or lower down using their sovereign subjectivity and wieldy authority to enforce rules on the community, the community itself is also its own government, with the ATMOS token at the core.

ATMOS tokens entitle every holder to voting rights on protocol-wide changes, adding strength to Novusphere’s decentralization.

The Novusphere community is currently building out additional solutions for EOS, with a fungibility and privacy-oriented sidechain currently in the works. The Novsuphere-built sidechain will provide EOS with true privacy and fungibility options for all EOS-based DApp tokens. The ATMOS token is built directly into the new sidechain and will play a central role its fee and settlement structure.

With the recent bear market taking a hit on many leading projects such as Steemit, who recently laid of 70% of their staff due to funding problems, a project’s ability to sustain itself is a real concern. Novusphere crowdfunded in Q1 2017 and reserved 9.1% ATMOS tokens for its development fund — almost none of which has been used.

As such, Novusphere’s development is on track, accountable, and with the ATMOS token, is generating real solutions to the web’s censorship issues.


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